Butterfly breakfasts – Msikaba, South Africa

I woke and stretched in the waking sun breathing in a lungful of fresh clean sea air. I drank a tea and watched the hundreds of dolphins surfing the waves below my rocky perch at the end of the path from the village. The misty dense cloud carpet spilled over the mountains in the distance backlit by the yellow rising sun.

We said our goodbyes to the family and were on our way to the summit of Mount Thesiger where we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. I sipped my tea over looking the landscape of mountains and sea. Butterflies everywhere would land next to me showing off thier intricate patterns as I laid out on a rock overhang, the river far below.

As we drove away from this peaceful spot where the river meets the ocean cradled by the mountains, I noticed cows congregating on the landing strip. Landing strip on top of a mountain? Yep. With cows no less. We drove through the small town of Port St John where I got a great deal on socks (I have been losing so many socks! As if its a crime for a backpacker to have matching socks) and a hat in the market.

We drove through tea plantations and ate lunch on the gorge cliffs overlooking a waterfall. At one of the waterfalls I stayed behind while the others explored ahead and I met some sweet young Xhosa boys who were fascinated by my light skin and hair speaking to me in broken English. We camped out on the banks of the Msikaba River that night enjoying thoroughly Mike and Ayundas culinary creations cooked over the open fire.

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