Happy Canada Day! – Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

I really enjoyed my quiet time in Keurboomstrand admiring the empty private beach. It was nice visiting with my gracious hosts, Grant, Elbie and their plethora of pets. I really didn`t do much except sit in the sand dunes watching the dolphins bound through the big waves.

Next stop was Jeffreys Bay. This town is just one huge Billabong store with the occasional fast food joint to keep things fluid. I checked in and immediately clicked with the flat full of surfers that I made home for a week. Whoever said that surfers were egotistical snobs didn’t meet my roomies who came from Brazil, Oz, and the States who welcomed me into their little groove.

Aside from being robbed and the sorry sick state of Erik (whose sneezes I carefully avoided at all costs, even if it meant jumping over couches and hiding behind corners), I really enjoyed my time here. We had many a tasty braai and heated pool tourneys with the occasional cider while we watched the surf porn. Surf porn is music set to fantastic surf footage that one watches when it`s “flat” all the while drooling over what one could be doing if there were some decent tubage.

J Bay is a shell mecca boasting quadrillions of every variety scattered all over the otherwise sandy beach. And the waves being small at the moment, the opportunity presented itself for me to try my hand at surfing. I donned a thick wetsuit and a long board trotting down to the almost empty beach.

Aside from the diehards paddling about in preparation for the upcoming Billabong competition, there was no swell so I didn`t have to worry about embarrassing myself too badly. I had a small but supportive cheering committee as I floundered this way and that in the salty water. I climbed onto the board and quickly learned that paddling is much harder than it looks, especially when your upper body is as weak as mine.

Next is timing which well, it no secret that this is not one of my strong points. But I am happy to say that although I wiped out and ran off the end of the board several times, I succeeded in standing up! Granted it was only for about 3 seconds before I took a face dive into the white froth, eating a mouthful of sand but it was kiff!! (Kiff: aka. Lekker aka. Sweet as aka. Nice One Bruthaaaaaa!)

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