Disaster Strikes – Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Just chillin` in J Bay when for the first time in almost a year, I have been robbed. I mean of my stuff. Surely I have been robbed of my sanity over and over again but who would want my smelly shoes? They were old and falling apart but I was strangely attached to them.

I have to look on the bright side I suppose and just hope that the cancerous skin eating gangrene causing disease that was laying dormant in the crevices of the sandal grooves will now burst into full throttle attacking the thoughtful lad (or laddess but not ladder) who relieved me of my stuff.

No, I don`t have insurance but the stuff that I really would have missed was spared. I can`t say the same for poor Eric who got taken to the cleaners so badly that he squeaks now. Anyway, I don`t have much time before the onset of the terrible illness that will befall my friendly neighbourhood thief so I am off to comb the streets for some funky looking feet hopefully attached to the rest of the stolen goods.

I was only two weeks from my one year anniversary of my travels with nothing too terrible having happened to me. Oh yea, its all about karma baby and he`d be better off if I found him first with the debt he just wracked up.

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