Bioluminessence – Plettenburg Bay, South Africa

I am now in Plettenburg Bay and it appears once again, that I have become stuck. My eyes flutter open to the waves crashing onto the deserted beach as I snuggle deeper into my duvet. The sun streams down evaporating the the dew resting peacefully on the grass blades. I wonder what time it could be? Then I remind myself that it doesn’t matter.

It takes me about 10 minutes just to place that it is Monday morning. We are in June, right? I struggle to remember the days when I had meetings, deadlines and schedules to adhere to. I imagine myself back in the days when Monday mornings meant the start of another gruelling workweek boxed into the sterile cubes with the tap tap tap of keyboards numbing my brain. Ok. I am terribly sorry if you are reading this from that place but hey, I have put in my time. I have earned and paid for this trip in blood sweat and tears not to mention the sanity that slipped away slowly but surely in those last few months.

I gaze over the rumbling waves to the endless aqua reflecting the morning sky. If the water was a tad warmer then I would don my swimsuit and dive in to swim alongside the hundreds of dolphins bounding through the bay. This hostel is like a house (it is a converted house) and again, its almost empty. I am pretty isolated here with the town being 10 minutes drive away and nothing in between, save for a little bakery which serves up the most amazing desserts. I think it also sells other things but the applecake was so heavenly that I barely noticed.

The only other guest around was James, a young budding marine biologist who made it his business to make sure I understood how snails burrow into the sand. Twice now, I have been drawn into the sea by the bioluminessence, my trousers (not pants) becoming completely soaked. The air was so warm and the water even warmer which is unusual for winter in South Africa.

I skipped the 20 steps down to the beach under the clear night sky, my path lit by the stars. The cool sugar like sand engulfed my toes while the fresh sea air filled my lungs making my head spin in a temporary head rush of nature.

There is no sound except for the building of the incoming wave climaxing to the thunderous crash as she tumbles over. I am lost for words as I try to describe the bright green-blueish glow illuminating the foamy crests. Like wildfire spreading through the driest forest, the magical cosmic presence rushes down the beach dissipating into the sandy earth.

I bend down scooping up a generous handful of sandy granules examining the laser lightshow in my hands. As the warm midnight surf rushes past my bare legs, I am entranced by the emission of neon green light bubbles bursting around my skin. It was all I could do to keep from jumping right into the water to thrash about becoming one with natures miraculous phenomenon. Sure boss…report will be on your desk by 9am sharp. Not likely.

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