Familiar Faces in Unfamiliar Places – Storms River, South Africa

Anna, Lara, and I continued onto Storms River where we were greeted with open arms by Mel and Carl whom we met previously at Wildside. It`s so nice to see familiar faces in unfamiliar places.

I played a challenging game of pool with 13 year old cheeky Zane, losing just by the hair of my chinny chin chin. Marius cooked up a mouthwatering Braai (another word for open fire barb-q) especially by my request. We all looked on with ravenous eyes as the chicken sizzled as he poured the marinade smoking the meat nicely. I love eating butternut squash and pumpkin so you can imagine my delight when I discovered that these are staples in South Africa.

Tube and Axe Backpacker is in the middle of the mountains and forests which was for me, quite the contrast from the raging sea I have recently become used to. Perched upon a picnic table with the late afternoon sun blanketing me in a peaceful glow, I contemplated the difference between the ocean and the forest. The blue ocean is always moving, unpredictable and mysterious. The green forest is still and tranquil, reflective with a calm energy.

Carl built a monster fire while we contemplated the stars through the leaves of the trees. In the morning, I was roped into babysitting Steves` new puppy whom he calls `me julie`. She is only 7 weeks old and I discovered her sleeping in a beanie hanging on a hook. The tiny baby nibbled on my fingers looking for breakfast after she roused from her slumber.

This place is in a very small town (can you even call it a town?) which basically has two backpacker hostels separated by a township. I watched as the little children bounded down the road, smiles in their eyes and sparkles in their laughter. If I were to describe South Africa in one word so far? Lekker man. Lekker.

Dense velvety blooms towards the sky
Shiny glittering gemstones randomly scattered
Smooth slender blades sway hypnotically in the zephyr
Jagged sharp mineral jutting out of the rumbling swirl
Powerful surge
Feisty rippling flames kiss the tinder
Blazing glow
Brisk pitter-patter of teensy furry paws hunting for excitement
Innocent curiosity
Murmurring mists polish the silky dunes
Flawless geometry

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