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Zig Zag – Buffalo Bay, South Africa

I haven’t been particularly busy but somehow my days have just eluded me. As they do when you are in South Africa. Although its been over a month, I haven’t made it more than 700 km but if I am to take my time anywhere, this is the place. So where did I leave off? Wilderness. Right then.

I really just chilled out chilling by the fire, shooting pool, playing poi and rhythm (I was quickly corrected that they were not devil sticks) sticks. Matt, the guy from Calgary who is riding a bike through SA, rocked up but other than that, Fairy Knowe hostel was deserted. It is almost winter here so things have slowed down almost to a halt. The backpackers hostels are virtually empty so I have lots of space and plenty of personal attention from the staff. read more

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