Hurry Hurry Wait – Wilderness, South Africa

So I have been backtracking just a bit. There were just too many things to do. After Stellenbosch the second time, Lara and Anna took me back to Cape Town. We watched the sunset over dinner on Camps Bay and went on a wine tour. Honestly, we started at 10am tasting 10 different red, white and port before lunch. As the afternoon progressed we had finished off an entire bottle of champagne on the bus. The bubbly was quite nice and only cost 50 rand which is $5 CAD. The sun was shining as we shuttled around on the funbus. We had a low key night after such a productive and informative day. I learned much about grapes today but most of all I like the rose bushes they plant on the end of the vineyards. When the rose bush gets sick it acts as an indicator so they know to treat the grapevines. And it looks pretty too.

I got to see more of Cape Town and ate some of the yummest Italian food before my gracious hosts bid me adieu. I was back in Stellenbosch for a night sitting by the fire until the wee hours of the morning. Making my way back up the coast to a place called Wilderness. Today, I slept in after a long night of fishing, bonfires, music and circus tricks.

After a nice but chilly rest, I was set to jump in a canoe to paddle my way to the waterfall. I took my time gliding down the windey valley admiring the crystal reflection of the trees and rocky cliffs. So many birds greeted me as I splashed about in the almost black looking water. The water, when shallow, looks burnt sienna from all the herbs and tannin content.

I parked my canoe on the stony embankment before trudging the rest of the trail on foot. It was very moist and lush with the bending curvy tree branches spiraling down all around me. I went up and down and up and down sometimes trying my balance along thick slippery water pipes. I ate lunch at the waterfall watching the tannin tinted pool gush.

I am so impressed by the bright yellows, pinks, reds and purple flowers that are in full bloom. It`s almost winter and although it gets frigid at night, there are still flowers galore. The walk back to the canoe was much shorter but the paddle back took it seemed 3 times as long and I was trying harder. Humph. Maybe because the sun was going down but as I walked home along the train tracks, I could see that the almost full moon was already taking stage low in the sky.

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