Backwards – Stellenbosch, South Africa

Getting some serious deja vu. Haven’t I been here before? Ah yes. But fate has brought me back obviously deciding that I didn’t get enough of this place the first time being laid up in my sick bed. There were plenty of reasons for me to come back here for a Friday night. I hitched a ride with some random Africans who were going that way, making it just in time for the party.

First, I saw my new friends from Oudtshoorn who were, surprise surprise, staying at the same place as I. Then I rushed off to meet up with Chris and Christiaan, friends I had met in Scotland. It was like I just saw them yesterday even though it was really 9 months ago. I love it when you can meet up with people you haven`t had contact with for a long time and its as if not a moment has lapsed…same old parties, same old fun…with a few new twists and turns. The more things change the more they stay the same. Lovely.

We reminisced over Springboks and some really crazy strong rum that I will not try again in this lifetime. I visited with Justin from Hermanus, who was celebrating his 24th birthday in his hometown with allllll his friends. He was quite the social butterfly, even worse than me if you can believe it. Is it possible?

The whole night went by so quickly because somehow I got lost in conversation and when I looked up, the entire bar was empty. Um. It was something like 5am and I was surprised that the staff hadn`t kicked us out. Anyway, it was colder than a popsicle in a blizzard but I made it back only to find that I had forgotten the code to get in the hostel door. So I sat with the security guard for a while mumbling my woes until I had enough and with my big bad self, bashed the door down. No, just kidding. I actually just waited for someone to wake up and let me in. It did take a while but it happened.

I am not sure if I have had any sleep at all but I am off to Cape Town now to do it all again. I will meet up with Lara and Anna who I met in Hermanus and to get a taste of the Cape Town nightlife, something I didn`t get to do the first time around. Yes, I know I am going backwards now but it must be done. I suppose I didn`t do it properly the first time so I must try again.

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