Ostrich country – Oudtshoorn, South Africa

Really haven`t done much here but having fun just the same. After saying a `see ya later` to my friends at Moby`s, Justin drove me to the bus stop but not before a mystical double rainbow graced the sky during the sun shower. The drive from Hermanus was very scenic with majestic mountains and puffy white clouds.

I have been in Oudtshoorn for a few days now and have only made it to the dump. Johan asked if I wanted to go for a ride to drop off the branches from the tree pruning they did earlier that morning. Sure, why not as I jumped in the pickup. There were probably a hundred poor people rummaging through the trash organizing them in neat piles. Apparently they recycle and use almost everything.

I was concerned that none of them were wearing any kind of protective gear…what if they cut their hands? Johan pointed out that that was probably the least of their worries. The little boy with the tattered sweater and broken shoes smiled and waved to me. I glanced through the barb wire, overlooking the entire town contemplating the contrast. The houses range from very rich and extravagant to beaten up tiny shacks. This land is absolutely stunning with rolling green hills, velvety mountains and lush greenery of every sort.

Paradise Backpackers has fireplaces in almost every room making it very cozy on even the chilliest (like now) nights. It didn’t take me long at all to fit in here. By the second day guests were approaching me with inquires thinking I was staff. This is ostrich country so along with free ostrich eggs for breakfast, they serve a really yummy ostrich steak dinner every night. People come back with stories of riding these awkward birds at one of the many ostrich farms in the area.

The town itself is quite small so I rode a bike around, checking out the shops and such. I made it back right before the heavy grey clouds decided to hail! Yes, hail on my head as I ran in the door. The first night I was here the power went out and it was so funny seeing everyone running around with candles. We tried to create some games to play with no music or TV but were not very successful.

One of my favorite moments was falling asleep on the chair next to the fire with Xena the dog curled up around me. I love that I can eat as many oranges, lemons, limes and bananas as I want. They have fruit trees all over the property.

Last night, a group from the bar (10 steps away from the lounge room) joined me, where else but by the fire, to sing and play music. We had guitar, bells, and drums going accompanied by 5 quite drunk vocalists. Not to mention the intermittent thunderous snoring coming from the guy passed out behind the chair. It`s too bad no one could remember the words to any of the songs. We did create some comical lyrics though and I think we may even have a hit single on the way. I am getting sleepy now so I think I will go turn into my comfy oversized bed (conveniently placed right next to a heater) after having a steamy hot bubble bath.

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