Whale watching and shark diving – Hermanus, South Africa

Wow! Is it June already? I don`t know where the time is slipping away to….almost a year that I will have been away. But sometimes when I think back, I wonder how I have managed this much in the first place. Really time begins to lose its edge. Anyway, its nowhere near over yet so Carmella, get back in the moment.

Shark diving is a good way to do that. I have been mostly just doing a whole lot of relaxing here in Hermanus. Its a good excuse to say “yeah, I am going to watch the whales” and then go sit by the powerful ocean for hours. I mean, I can just close my eyes and listen to the surf smash the crooked rocks. Then sometimes it will quell just a mere whisper of the former moment.

The weather has been great and the times when it has rained, there is always something to do. I have played pool, listened to tunes in the music store playing with the devil sticks and saw Rabbit Proof Fence in the theatre (movies here are half the price as in Canada). I sat in a cafe eating the most scrumptious carrot cake once again, watching for whales.

I am seriously impressed with this town and can easily see how people can get stuck here. There is so much beauty just on their doorstep. I went on a fast car ride to the west cape and watched the weather change before my very eyes.

The shark diving was an experience although I am still not quite sure how I would rate it. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I think more thrilling for me was the surprise of the Southern Right whale which appeared as we were jetting home. I mean, don`t get me wrong, seeing these gigantic Great White sharks racing around ripping fish heads into shreds was pretty powerful. It didn`t really phase me that there were only a few thin bars between myself and this seemingly ferocious creature. They glide through the clear (great visibility) blue saltwater with such a commanding presence.

After the dive, we saw some more seals and then the whale showed up. YAY! I have been waiting to see whales here in Hermanus for almost a week now. I was in awe of the grace of such a monstrous mammal. Just reminded me that things are not always as they seem they should be. Big and luggy doesn`t always equate clumsy. She softly twisted in the dark blue expanse showing her beauty from all angles.

I have been at Moby`s for almost a week now and I won`t lie to you, I am beginning to feel like a fixture. When they bring new people through, they just kinda say, “here is the coffee, here is the bar, here is Carmella, here is the fireplace” Um. Mom, don`t worry, the staff are taking very good care of me. Justin, Stu and Howie are like the three stooges constantly keeping me entertained, well-fed and hydrated.

The hostel owners are like many of the rest of the locals…like old friends. You never know what night is going to be party night here. Hermanus doesn`t conform to the typical party rules. I thought they were joking when they said weekends were for recovery.

The nature walks are stunning and the beaches are peaceful. Even the little dassies are welcoming jumping up on my lap. A dassie is like a big groundhog type rabbit kinda thing. Anyway, they are really cute to watch (comical) and run rampant here. I should have guessed what a cool place this would be when Yanni waved to practically the whole town as we drove in. The one guy he made a point of NOT waving to started frantically waving his arms…yeah, there are some strange things here but whats normal anyway?

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