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S L O W D O W N – Hermanus, South Africa

Well I am healed! Thanks to 4 days of heavy rest I was able to go out on Saturday night, my last night in Stellenbosch. I ended up out and about meeting locals and uni students. The band was not bad and I had a good time trying to figure out my way home at the end of the night.

I was just about asleep when bang bang bang, my “neighbours” came home from the bar and but of course, do not have their key. Apparently the one guy with the key decided to bugger off to Cape Town ?!? What? So three South African guys were taking turns crawling in and out of my window, shimmying along the second story ledge ( I am sure not an easy feat when you have had THAT much to drink) then brought back chips and dip for an impromptu party in the Peace room. read more

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