Sicky – Stellenbosch, South Africa

After all was said and done I was quite impressed with how I spent my time in Cape Town. I really thought that I would sit around doing a whole lot of nothing because I was feeling pretty lazy and tired. I try to take it easy whenever I land in a new continent…haha, I told someone that and they thought it sounded really funny. I suppose it would. Anyway, thanks to Kiwi Elena and French Canadian Martin, a sweet couple who met in Banff (yay!) I accomplished quite alot of sightseeing.

I spent the last day just running around doing errands and saying last minute goodbyes. I didn’t sleep at all that night because I was so worried that I wouldn’t wake up for the 730am bus. I set my alarm but it seems that sometimes I think it is a cell phone and I don’t own a cell phone so why would I answer it. I just drift back to sleep annoyed with the person who wouldn’t answer their phone. Then I miss whatever it was that I was supposed to wake up for. This has happened.

So I climbed into bed at 2am after an interesting night of Spins and pool but just flopped around until 6am. This lack of sleep may contribute to my current situation. Martin and Elena were so generous to share their cold with me and now I am flat on my back, sniffing and sneezing like a madman.

I did catch my bus at 730am but have spent the last few days laid up in my hostel bed eating oranges and sleeping. I am really thankful that it`s such a quite place and that tourist season has past. There seems to be maybe 3 people in the whole place so needless to say, I have a room to myself at the moment.

I have some stuff to write about but my head really isn’t very clear so you will just have to wait until this cold has past. Funny, its +30 c outside and I can`t really enjoy it because I feel like a giant stuffy sneezing and coughing machine.

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