Table Mountain – Cape Town, South Africa

After much negotiation, we caught a taxi to Table Mountain where I took the cable car up. I perched up on a large cool rock overlooking the city, mountains, and sea. I attempted to meditate under the beaming sun unhindered by even the slightest breeze.

The melodious birds swooped past my head doing swan dives over the steep edge. Over 1000 meters high up in the sky the air up here is quite fresh. It would have been nice to see the famous white puffy table cloth cloud draped over the top – a phenomena that must be seen – but I was content with the clear view that went on for miles.

I overheard someone exclaiming that she had never seen so far on any of her many trips up the peak. It was twilight as we caught the very last cable car down to the bottom. The city lights twinkled on welcoming night as the last light of day seeped into the skyline.

I was marvelling at the fact that at home it was 9am so surely they were seeing the same sun as I. So I sent her over with happy thoughts to light and warm the day as she had just done for me. It`s a special feeling when you realize just how small this world really is.

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