Sunsets and sharks – Cape Town, South Africa

We tried to make it to Table Mountain but it looked too windy to attempt so I got my hair braided instead. We went to the busy Green Market Square where I finally bartered my way into a new hairstyle. Ouch! But the braids are so hassle-free and feels so good to have long hair again. Elena and Martin were patient and talked with the street kids while they waited for the hair ladies (there were three!) to finish. The sad state of affairs for the children is widespread reminding me to practice compassion – the kids are nowhere without it.

We bargained with the taxi to take us to Camps Bay for the sunset but somehow halfway there, the driver talked us into going to Signal Hill. This was a spectacular location to watch the evening sun clear the horizon. We enjoyed ice cream and panoramic views of the Cape. After eating a yummy dinner filled with health, I drifted off to sleep.

The next day we went to the Two Seas Aquarium where we studied seals, penguins and birds during feeding time, all the while learning about environmental issues. The kelp forest bobbed rhythmically cutting through dancing in the current. My favorite exhibit were the sharks ominously commanding with their presence. The fish and chips we ate afterwards were exceedingly worse with each bite no matter how much sauce I piled on. We walked down the wharf grateful of our luck with this perfect weather.

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