Cape Point Pennisula – Cape Town, South Africa

I spent most of the day relaxing. Just regrouping from the stress of changing continents and getting deprived of sleep for how long? But I managed to wake up early to meet the 830 am Cape Point Tour which I got for free from booking 5 nights at the hostel. Steve was our guide who was really friendly and gave off a really good vibe.

We drove around the coast through Sea Point along the picturesque Atlantic coastline. We past Clifton into Camps Bay where the spectacular Twelve Apostles towered over our tiny bus as she hugged the the windey roads. Camps Bay boasts soft white sand beaches which would be a delightful way to spend a day in the summer sun. We stopped at Hout Bay and jumped on a boat to cruise around Seal Island. Hundreds of Cape fir seals basking on the rocks and frolicking in the water created a beautiful sight almost making me forget about the strong fishy stench wafting by.

We hopped back on the bus munching on muffins and sipping juice while driving towards False Bay. Along the side of the road, there were several baboons lounging and practicing their rock climbing skills. I found the little baby monkeys so adorable as they clung onto their mommies. Simons Town is a large navel base and was our bit educational geography.

We walked down the steep hill to Boulders, a sandy beach with numerous heavy rocks lodged onto its shore. This place is home to thousands of African penguins which are by no means shy. I was amazed at the quirky little tuxes waddling around seemingly posing for the camera.

We hopped on a fleet of mountain bikes and peddled our way through Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. At the front, the Canada and England cycles vied for first place until I couldn`t resist stopping for an unbelievable view of the ocean meeting the peninsula. We lunched in a sweet little alcove with surf smashing white froth into the rockpools. I listened to the waves roll in then turned just in time to catch the monster baboon climbing into the car up the road. Here you must remember to close your windows or risk being not so pleasantly surprised by what you find waiting for you.

We walked up Cape Point listening to the variety of birds chirping away. The bright red spongy flowers contrast perfectly with the light blue ocean and the deep green lush spiny plants. I found it remarkable that up at the lighthouse there was no wind at all. I studied the sun creating misty lines across the mountains in the distance. The quick little lizards hopped from rock to rock and the air was so clear.

We hiked over to the Cape of Good Hope watching gangly baboons and fluffy ostriches roaming the cliff top. We are a long way up but I could feel the water, so powerful and awesome, churning below us. This is most southwestern part of Africa and you can sometimes see whales swimming just offshore. We are getting unseasonably temperate weather reminding me to Carpe Diem. All in all, this was one of the best days I have had in a long time.

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