Alien Abduction and the Canada Goose – Mount Cook, New Zealand

We were driving to Mount Cook when Kenneth decided to open the window to take a picture of the red clouds and sunset when SLURP! Our beloved Beamish was sucked out of the passenger window. 100 meters down the road we whipped around to retrieve him when we witnessed a white 4WD abducting our precious purple alien!

We frantically raced after the suspects to reclaim our lost family member when suddenly they came to a stop. We exited King, our little Danish car, with a look of strong contempt on our faces. I was just about to demand to know just who they thought they were, when I noticed the passenger cradling a shotgun.

“Um…sir? Can we please have our inflatable alien back please, if it would be no trouble, of course,” I pled in my sweetest smallest most innocent voice possible.

We shared a few shots of wine with our new friends by the side of the road. They were tickled pink that I was Canadian and they offered us one of their freshly dead Canada Geese in return. As I gripped the still warm limp neck of the heavy bird, I wondered if this experience could be classified as highly unusual. I think yes. I graciously turned down their generous offer of the goose and said that I was content with my little purple alien. So we got our Beamish back and made some new kiwi friends before continuing onto our destination.

We woke early the next day as we knew it would be a long one. The weather really cloudy but two swing bridges later, the sky over the Hooker Valley Track began to clear. The thick looking taupe glacier water rushed past the blue-ish chunks of ice blocks. Mt Cook looked like a chimney releasing white puffy clouds into the sky. On the way back, it began to hail/snow on our chilly little bodies. I heard a sudden roar and turned to see an avalanche tumbling down the cliff face creating a storm of blustery powder. Cool!

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