Juggling Lessons and Fergburgers – Te Anau and Queenstown, New Zealand

We checked into Te Anau and it was already dark so we would have to wait till morning to see the lakefront view. After a restless sleep, we spent the next day walking around the lake. Kenneth and I were fascinated by the large red and white spotted mushrooms living under the trees. The trees and water really calmed me.

Later, we went for some beers with Ian who showed up then drove back to Queenstown on yet another sunny clear day. We made yummy Thai food and played pictionary before mango ice cream for dessert.

I FINALLY learned how to juggle. But it took a late night session with gin and a reward system. There`s motivation! I didn`t think I would ever be able to juggle so this was a real accomplishment. Of Course, the student is only as good as their teacher. Thank you Kenneth.

Sus and I went on the para flight together which was pretty but not really any kind of adrenaline rush. The wind from way up high 200 meters above the lake pulled by a jet boat roaring through the valley. The bright yellow smiley face just magnified the permagrin Sus and I were wearing. The flash boat slowed lowering us to the dark blue, the frothy waves nipped at our toes. Then an abrupt jerk and we were flying gaining speed and altitude. We took in the lovely view gazing at the powerful sun jewelling the water below with diamonds.

Went to the gondola up the mountainside and fed our need-for-speed craving by luging down. Just a few kids in go karts flying round hairpin turns down the cement track. Riding down, I looked out over Queenstown with mostly fond thoughts. I wish only that the hostel staff could have been nicer. It`s important to be fair with your guests or you will give your town a bad memory.

K and I walked up to the Time Walk and got panoramic views of the mounds of earth reaching great heights. Heard a kia clicking whistling cooing and clucking, speaking nature. We crawled into the giant Basket of Dreams and watched the stars come out.

We watched Star Trek and Xmen2 in the local theatre while eating many more Fergbergers. I am addicted to these delicious delicacies. A must try when you pass through here. Had a good time in QT but of course, time in NZ is running short so I must move on.

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