Milford Dive Part 2 – Milford Sound, New Zealand

Our second dive was along a steep wall just shy of where Milford Sound meets the Tasman Sea. Drifting through the peaceful aquamarine soup, we encountered the black coral which was really not black at all. They are actually like an amalgamation of delicate white snow flakes. As if it were the first frost on an early November morning, coating the leafless spiny branches in an immaculate white lace.

I somersaulted weightlessly thinking this must be how astronauts feel in orbit. I was enjoying my new found space boots when I tumbled into a school of thousands of tiny blue fish creating a path swimming around me. I looked up to see the sun illuminating gleaming rays down through the ultramarine playground.

Just then, I noticed several divers slip around the rocky corner so I scrambled to catch up. Tim was waving his hands around frantically so I thought they must have discovered something pretty exciting. I was quickly corrected as the strong current whipped me through swinging me around like a hyperactive square dancer. Suddenly, I felt a firm grip towing me back to safety where the rest of the group were hanging about.

Another marvellous dive under our belts, we donned our tea cozy hats and rubber ducky yellow slickers. As we munched gingersnap cookies, we ogled the glittering twinkles of the sunlit sapphire waters.

Our jet boat cruised through the Fjord when suddenly SPLASH! A large pod of bottle nose dolphins joined us riding our waves. For close to 20 minutes they raced about us leaping and bounding merely inches from our vessel. I was getting whiplash from trying to follow them friskily plunging in and out of the water like a sewing needle. I giggled with delight when one of the elegant creatures would dive gracefully out of the water next to me. A farewell flicker of the tail at the bow before our new friends bid us adieu. What a spectacular show!

Our next surprise from Mother Nature came only a few minutes later as we stumbled upon more than 25 young fir seals sunbathing on the rocks and lounging lazily in the waters. We coasted slowly next to the group chuckling when one of the sleek dark pups forcefully pushed his brother off the top rock. As he proudly settled into his new post, I could have sworn I saw him smiling smugly for the camera.

We all cheered for one of the smaller seals when he finally, after several failed attempts, made the 5 foot jump out of the water onto the rock shelf. We sped through the inlet as I gazed in astonishment at the postcard picture I was experiencing. Rainforests of lush flora and fauna nestled between mammoth rocks. Ice chunks sprouting torrents of clear waterfalls into the glass-like waters below. Spectacular!

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