Sandfly City – Milford Sound, New Zealand

The next morning K, S and I jumped in the car with Beamish and his bad self, navigating in the passenger seat. We made it to Milford in about 5 hours stopping occasionally to admire the ever-changing landscapes. We saw blue ice glaciers spilling down the rugged mountains and deep valleys inhabited by millions of trees.

We pulled into Milford Lodge just in time to meet up with the dive company that we would be going with in a few days. We took short drive to watch the sun slide down the back of Mitre Peak casting a path of light across the water. As I scanned my view, I wondered how often I would see palm trees, snowy mountains, misty clouds back lit by the apricot glowing sunbeams all set by a still glass-like sheet of glassy liquid. We drank wine until the army of hungry sand flies forced us to shelter.

We had a quiet night but somehow, somewhere I spit my big toe open leaving a trail of blood everywhere I ventured. I really didn’t feel the pain until the middle of the night when thought it may be time to amputate my left leg. Both my knee and toe were inflicting high levels of throbbing agony but somehow I managed to fall back asleep. Kenneth was sweet enough to bandage me up and I was almost as good as new.

We meant to scuba on Wednesday but it`s a really good thing we booked Thursday instead. We stayed inside all day, safe from the monsoon-like blustery winds and sheets of drizzle. There is not too much do do around here as it is quite remote so if you catch bad weather, then that`s just your bad luck. The other thing about Milford Sound are the bugs. If you are not careful, you will end up looking like a dog with a bad case of the fleas as you scratch at your raw red bumpy body. The sand flies here are relentless and are out for blood. Either you bathe in heavy repellent or wear a coat of armour. Through it all tho, the nature here is worth the visit.

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