Playing in the park – Queenstown, New Zealand

I spent a few days back in Qtown just sightseeing and enjoying the sunny days and the pub filled nights. I found Ken and Sus again so we all camped in the backyard of one of the hostels as everything was full. It wasn`t as cold as I thought it would be although the nights are getting progressively colder each day. You can even see your breath in the mornings.

We were doing some juggling and poi by the lake when Mac from Scotland approached us with his bagpipes. He had noticed my Scotland tank top and remarked that he had worked at the same place. We made plans to meet up later that evening then Kenneth Sus and I grabbed some KFC. We had a picnic in the park and watched the world go by.

We strolled through the gardens passing by the little stone bridge (no goblins under this one) crossing the duck pond shaded by the trees. It`s like walking through a candy store filled with every shade of leaves shedding their green radiance. Lemon yellows, tangerine oranges, cherry reds and cocoa browns littered the path.

Queenstown is definitely a place that thrives on good weather. We played among roses with such names as First Love, French Lace and Gypsy Moth surrounded by a forest. Next Susanne and I twirled fire by the wharf while Mac played the bagpipes. Many people stopped to watch but it was 3 young children who walked across the park and threw some money in the case. My first busking experience! It was quite fun and I loved to see the smiles on their faces. I had never really considered myself a performer until just now. Wouldn`t the world be a great place if everyone could just make their living doing what they loved?

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