In da Car town – Invercargill, New Zealand

After the Catlins, I drove to Invercargill where we finally made it to our hostel. But not before almost killing us in a roundabout…hey, it was going the wrong way! I was shocked at how dead this town was. Where were all the people? The streets were eerily empty so I chalked it up to being a holiday weekend. Everything was closed and there was really not much to do so it was a really good thing that the hostel was comfortable.
I fell ill over the last few days and by this point I was battling a full on cold. Perhaps it was all those rainy runs on the beach. Ug. I pretty much holed myself up in the lounge room reading and practicing guitar. Richard and I went to go see DreamCatcher, which I had wanted to see for a long time but I was very disappointed. I think it made it to the top of my worst of list as I think I may have actually fallen asleep during. Skippy and I looked at each other when all was said and done with a “what the heck was that about?” look on our faces. Oh well. Two hours I will never get back.

We walked down the chilly mainstreet and I was reminded of the days of cruising up and down Jasper Ave in our cars on a Friday nite. There is no shortage of boys and their hot cars in this town. In fact, that`s all there seems to be here. To me, it seemed like a typical small town with its main drag and McDonald’s being the center of activity.

Thousands of sniffles later, I taught Richard some more fire tricks then played some more Yahtzee before a short sleep. Woke very early to get a jump on the drive back to Queenstown. I started feeling a little better but man, I just could not get warm. The chill was drenching me with the shivers even though I was practically living in front of the heater. Oh well. I think it`s just about time to head to warmer locales.

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