Easter Bunny Road Kill – Catlins, New Zealand

Went for a prebreakfast walk to enjoy the seaside by the morning light and although it was chilly, it was still breathtaking. I can imagine it would be the best during the summer on a warm day.

We visited a sea lion family complete with baby frolicking in the water with papa. The mom was keeping close watch only meters away. Perhaps she didn`t want an early stardom for her babe as she threatened to charge at Richard as he snapped his camera.
After a warm breakfast, we set off for a full day of sightseeing around the Catlins. We trekked through farmland scattered with grazing sheep to get to Jacks` Blowhole. The avalanche of white foam crashed through the rocky tunnel splashing well up the narrow crevice. Richard (aka. Skippy, aka. the Tree Man) explained many different facts and tidbits about the forest showing off his knowledge of everything green. We walked towards Purakunui Falls which are the most photographed waterfalls in New Zealand. The clear water cascaded down the tiers of dark rocks into the waiting pool below. It reminded me of a crystal chandelier the size of a house.

We ate a picnic of tomato, avocado and brie sandwiches before continuing onto Curio Bay where we didn`t see the dolphins we were looking for. We did enjoy a tasty pie and cake while the shopkeeper informed us the reason we couldn`t find Niagara Falls (of New Zealand), was because it was a bit of a joke. Oh. Haha.

I was so happy that Richard let me drive for a while. It was so strange to drive on the wrong side of the car on the wrong side of the road. Did I tell you how much roadkill there is here in New Zealand? It`s everywhere. And on this day, sad to say, we saw that someone had run over the Easter bunny. Maybe they didn`t get their chocolate eggs or something. That what I call rabbit road rage.

We visited a tunnel that said it had glowworms but it didn`t, so we decided to do a bit of a mountain climbing trek off road. My knee is still pretty wrecked so I was grateful that Skippy let me use him for a crutch. Went to Nugget Point and saw the lighthouse almost getting blown away it was so windy. There were a couple of penguins waddling up to the hills for the night from the bay nearby. We also got to see the most southern part of New Zealand called Slope Point. There were roadsigns that pointed the distance to the Equator and the South Pole the other direction. Oh dear, it looks like I am still lost.

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