Autumn in April – Queenstown, New Zealand

Surprise surprise! I met up with Kenneth and Susanne again which was good because I was looking for some playmates in Queenstown. We experienced the local pub where Susanne tried her luck and won a rafting trip making her happy hour just that much happier.

I did a fireshow for Kevin, Jenny and a few of their motel guests before meeting up with Richard again for our trip down to the Catlins. I was a little nervous because accommodation for the Easter weekend was pretty chock-a-block butluckily I was able to secure a few spots in hostels for the busy holiday time.

Funny when you are travelling how out of time you get. So many travellers were talking about how they completely forgot that it was Easter time. Seems like it would be kinda hard when you see the chocolate eggs everywhere. But somehow regular schedules just seem to evade you when you are out of your own zone. This is especially true when you are experiencing different hemispheres. Christmas without snow and Easter in the autumn? Huh?

The leaves are changing to brilliant yellows, flashy oranges and deep reds covering the parks with a magnificent colorful patchwork blanket. So many different kinds of trees here have given such a variety of foliage making this time of year a real treat to go for a stroll. I love smelling the the crunchy leaves beneath my sandals and bathing my face in the warm rays of the sun.

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