Adrendaline Junkie Town – Queenstown, New Zealand

So I jumped in the car with Richard and we were off. I said goodbye to all my Danish friends but I know I will see them again…funny how these things happen. Richard dropped me off in Queenstown on a bright and sunny day. Almost immediately, I could feel the energy in this picturesque Alpine-like town. Looking up, there is almost always a para glider or 5 floating down into the valley. Sometimes they would swoop around in loopty loops playing with gravity. So graceful like feathers falling from the sky, sometimes holding their place as if suspended in midair.

I met James` parents who right away reminded me so much why I had such a great time with their kids in Europe. They cooked me some lovely Thai food and of course, New Zealand lamb. We took a stroll down memory lane as we looked at some old photos. It`s hard to believe that it was 8 months ago that James, Kirsty and I were sitting in Snail hostel in Ceske Krumlov. We were busy playing cards to pass away the rainy days which now I see as a bit of understatement after the floods that were to come. They had shown me a unique little teapot that they were going to give to their parents and voila! Here it is once again but now on top of the microwave in their home in Qtown.

It’s amazing how similar we are to our parents. It’s really only been since I have started travelling that I have noticed how many gifts my parents have given me. A passing glance by a shop window and I am sure I saw my mom with her kind warm smile. When someone snaps a picture of me by surprise, I can sometimes recognise my fathers playful wise eyes. Sometimes these things may seem so obvious but perhaps being in a new places, I have begun to see things from a different perspective.

Queenstown is almost always buzzing, adrenaline junkies always reminiscing or planning their next high. Skydiving, river surfing, live wire, canyoning, paragliding, hang gliding, rafting, or bungee jumping in the original bungee location. It`s no wonder everyone walks around with huge grins on their faces – they are conquering their fears. They feed their need for speed and satiate their hunger for heights be it in air or water.

I browsed through the cute little gift shops then sat on the pebbly waterfront watching the pristine calm lake. In the reflection, I could see the mighty rock mountains called the Remarkables. The ducks nestled their stout little bodies in the beach around me for an afternoon nap. I watched quietly as the bright yellow sun kissed the mountain top quickly sinking behind the peak. During the day, the air is so warm but as soon as the the sun takes her leave ,I was surprised at how quickly the chill went through me.

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