Wanna Come – Wanaka, New Zealand

Arrived into Wakana and found our hostel, Wanaka Bakpaka, which displayed a pair of hiking boots fit for a giant. We checked into our room and then took a walk around. This cute little valley town is nestled into the mountains situated on the edge of the large Lake Wakana.

Every morning, I would wake to the cotton candy clouds just hovering above the looming mountains. The lake could be still as glass except for the wakeboarders and waterskiers then the occasional sailboat disturbing the mirror reflection. The diamond shimmer would dance from wave to wave bouncing little sunbeams in all directions.

I sat near the lake edge and picked up a grayish white rock with several lines indented into its side. I examined the way the light would catch creating shiny sparkles as I turned it in my hand. I heard the rhythmic flapping of wings and looked up to greet the strong sleek falcon soaring just past my head. Ducks glide past creating a V in the water sending ripples evenly from both sides, much like the tail we created on our boat trip.

I met some fellow travellers, Ian, Patrick, Tracy, John (on their honeymoon) and Mike in the pub and we hired a boat to go fishing. The fish weren`t hungry but the 5 hours on the lake were well worth it. We drifted past snow capped mountains and flora laden hills all the while watching the double picture in the water. We had a great day for it. The sun beamed down on us as we tried to distinguish the different bird calls we heard from the remote edges of the island. Mike and John took turns driving the boat while Tracy described their wedding ceremony held just weeks before.

The movie theatre in Wanaka was funky with groovy decor and big comfy couches to sit on. It was as if they had lifted that old favorite armchair from your grammas` house. You could even sit in an old yellow beetle while you enjoyed the latest flicks. Halfway through, they call an intermission when they serve the meals that you preordered beforehand. I was enjoying my food so much that I didn`t notice the rest of the theatre behind me waiting so they could restart the film. The slow eater that I am, I was tickled that they let me take my food into the theatre and finish it there.

During the second half, you begin to smell the fresh cookies baking in the oven waiting for your consumption. The couch was full of Scots and Germans so I sat on one of the many giant cushions while Susanna gave me a massage. After, we visited the Irish pub where the live band played some great tunes. We sipped through happy hour and into the night. We sang our way home down the lonely patch of road with the chilly night air nipping at our noses.

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