Meeting New Playmates – Greymouth, New Zealand

We decided to hit the Nelson market which was trendy and quite cute. I really liked the guy who makes the toy planes out of aluminum cans. You know what they say about one mans` junk being another mans` treasure.

Next, Mirium, Erin and I drove down to Greymouth and checked into the Global Village backpacker. Here I am sure we annoyed the very patient and accommodating owner to no end by switching our rooms so many times. The whole place is decorated in a global theme with tons of Africanand Asian influences. Every night before you go to bed, you get a yummy little chocolate cake presented on a platter with a sweet note. Nice touch. It`s these little things that really make a huge difference when you are backpacking.

I did some mountain bike riding, jogging in the gusty rainstorm, and attempted to fish but the rain just kept pouring down. We made a yummy (and garlic filled -thanks Rodrigo) dinner together then enjoyed a special dessert with flower garnish thanks to Mirium.

A group of us went to the Monteith Brewery for a tour. We found it very informative but the best part was the taste testing at the end. They even held an open bar for 10 minutes where you could pour your own drinks. This is where my Canadian beer guzzling skills come in handy.

Soon it was time to take Mirium to the train and say our goodbyes. It`s amazing how quickly you can bond with people when you are travelling. We hugged and promised to keep in touch.

My new friends Susanne, Nina, Kenneth and I played yahtzee (the Danish version), cards and tumbling tower as well as poi & juggling lessons. I found out that this trio like to play and thought it would be fun to hang out with them awhile. With the cat curled up next to the fireplace and the relaxing music, it felt like a typical family fun night. We all agreed that we had been spoiled in this backpacker loving the decor, staff, and atmosphere.

But as always, it came time to leave so packed up our stuff and I jumped in the car with the 3 crazy Danes. They invited me along with them and I couldn’t think of a reason why not.

Did I mention how picturesque the countryside is getting? I mean, it was breathtaking before but the mountains keep getting bigger and the trees greener. I am not too crazy about the temperature dropping as it has been. But I can almost forget how chilly I am when I look out the window at the babbling creeks and rocky cliff sides. I said Almost.

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