Swimming with the Stingrays – Takaka, New Zealand

So, otherwise, I had a really good time in the Golden Bay area. I went to a drumming lesson which was really loud and quite cool. We learned some Haitian beats as well as some African rhythm. The room was all girls save for one brave lad from Japan. The energy really gets going in these sessions and it`s hard not to get carried away. Ya… my hands were on fire!

It was so dark at night, that I got to see the Glow Worms which are just like little stars in the forest. Way cool! One day, whenI was alone having a “nature” swim in the private beach, I noticed heaps of stingrays! They were huge but as I have already spent some time swimming with them in the Caribbean, I wasn’t afraid. It was so peaceful just to float in the water watching them glide by with their large butterfly-like wings.

I also did some horse riding but Pedro is a beach boy for sure – when I tried to coax him onto the road path he stepped on my big toe (which is in the process of turning a lovely shade of purple). I should have quit while I was ahead. We galloped through the waves and over the sandy beach. It was great! I learned despite everyone telling me how old and stubborn he was, that he had no problem with me riding him. Just as long as it was on HIS terms. Ok. I know for next time.

So back to civilization. I have been without TV, power, normal toilets, hot showers, radio and newspapers for a week now (perfect timing I think) but I must reemerge into the real world. Good night, sleep tight, don`t let the bed bugs getcha tonight! This was my goodnight song growing up and only now do I get the true meaning.

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