Attack of the Bed Bugs – Takaka, New Zealand

Argh! So after reaching record levels of relaxation, it had to come to an end somewhere. And it did…in my BED! Mirium and I woke one night after hearing some strange noises then looked down to see the little critters, big and small scurrying around the room.

Bed Bugs? Bed Bugs! There will be no sleep tonight!

It was terrible! I have not had any run-ins with this problem in all my 8 months and certainly did not expect to encounter them here in NZ. I guess always expect the unexpected.

I sat up all night keeping watch and scratching my itchies, so needless to say, I didn`t sleep well at all. Altho the owner was nice enough to give us a free night because of it, I checked out the next day and went to another backpacker. I needed to just relax and not feel like the main course. I look like I have a bad case of the chicken pox or like some strange strain of leopard.

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