Peace in Nature – Somewhere in Golden Bay, New Zealand

I see a sailboat off in the clear blue distance. The water ripples like stars of diamonds. The shiny mirror reflects the cloudless deep blue atmosphere. Jade, emerald, gold. These are jewels that can be found in the pure and natural as I gaze over the vast garden outside my veranda.

It is just still here. There is no TV, radio, newspapers. There is not even power. Everything here at this hostel is solar and eco-friendly. When I was browsing through the hostel listings, the name Shambhala caught my eye and I knew I had to check it out. I was glad that my travelmates took my word for it because this retreat was exactly what I needed.

The sun is so hot. I thought it was supposed to be fall? Didn’t I go to an equinox party the other day where the blazing bonfire danced in rhythm to the harmony of the drum circle? Was this not supposed to be the welcome to autumn?

Peace festivals and heavy meditation sessions make me check what era I am living in. Playing in the soft grass hanging out with the spiders and crickets. They just are not so menacing anymore. Listening to the giggling butterflies fluttering through the trees and bushes. Birdsongs that actually have a bugbeat.

Everything is a surprise when your not expecting anything – Letting go. And there is the butterfly out of its cocoon, just learning how to use its wings. A sleek black bird glides by and there is suddenly silence. All I can hear now is the hungry waves slurping up the quiet waiting beach.

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