Happy St. Paddys Day – Nelson, New Zealand

I have met so many Irish people in the past week its ridiculous! I mean, it`s funny that when you travel, it seems like you meet certain people from certain countries all at once sometimes. I have been meeting a lot of people from very close to where I live as well.

It`s really cool that I had lots of Irish people around me to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The other day we went to an Irish pub and well, haven`t stopped drinking since. But taking a break now because although I don`t seem to get hangovers, I know its not the healthiest to drink so much.

I am eating yummy health foods to get my body back into balance. I really like the hostel I am at. It`s called Paradiso and altho it`s big, they have cool stuff. There are hammocks (did you know they call them Hang Mats in Dutch?) to lay in and the cats are sooo affectionate. One is just a little kitten and I swear, it`s the friendliest snuggling, cuddling feline taking time to play with everyone.

The pool is very refreshing and the big green bus in the garden is great to chill out in. Claire Olly Dave and Mirium all played a great game of Mini Golf at their camp ground with a bottle of Tui for the trophy. It was so strange. I couldn`t get some holes for the life of me but some I fluked out famously.

Oh ya, I had to camp one night because the hostel I tried to book into messed up the booking. Avoid The Green Monkey. All I can say is, good thing for Dave, Olly, and Claire! My friend`s bailed me out of my predicament, no problem. The beach near the campground was so nice with such soft sand and huge driftwood making nice sculptures.

Like how we make snow angels in Canada, there are sand angels too! We played a funny game of Frisbee until dark then watched the moon rise. It was great fun until we tried to walk back to the site and the tide had come in. Opps! We waded through the knee deep water feeling quite lucky that we decided to leave when we did.

Man, people told me I would like New Zealand but I didn`t really know why. Ok. So people try to tell you things about places but that’s always their perspective. I try to make my own opinions but honestly, New Zealand is really great.

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