Hammock Days at the Villa – Nelson, New Zealand

So Picton was a blast. Met some very warm people and had some great talks. Tried to play some guitar and did some poi. The walks were quite stunning and I even found a really good walking stick. As I wandered through the forest of leaves I could hear the bugs chirping. I could feel the energy in nature and it made me feel so healthy.

There were little birds walking down the path in a row…a whole family. I stopped to watch them and giggled at the baby at the end who couldn`t decide which way to go then ran to catch up. Met up with a nice dutch guy called Jordie who had some nice compliments for me.

At one point, I decide to take the “road less travelled” and climb down this “path”. Well, it really wasn`t a path at all but it was too late to turn back so I improvised. It felt more like rock climbing than tramping but I felt pretty good when I actually finished.

I laid in the hammock on the porch of The Villa and smelled the flowers. Love this place and if there were not already so many Canadians working here, I may have considered it. But sounds like they have my country covered. The spa was great on my tired muscles and the fire was perfect for my chilly toes. Except that I burnt my sock a bit when I got a bit too close.

I thought it was so funny when at 4 or 5 am I was woken by snoring in the room so I took a wander. There was this guy also wandering around with his towel. He asked me what time it was and I didn`t know but I did know that it was an odd time for a shower. But hey, that’s the best part of all this! You do things when it feels right. Eat when your hungry, sleep when your tired.

I met up with Mirium, Dave, Claire (from Claire) and Olly and we watched the Holy Grail. The next day we took a road trip through the snaky roads listening to great tunes. Now I am in Nelson enjoying the sun and you know what? The days just keep getting better.

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