We are Travellers – Picton, New Zealand

I was feeling a little normal the other day…when it occurred to me that I was surrounded by amazing people on amazing journeys. I forgot how extraordinary this whole experience is. Shame on me. SO I wrote this for everyone who has ever had the courage to leave home. Even if it was just a short trek. Change can be very scary but how else can we grow?

Our shapes and sizes range from dwarf to giant
Our colors can be seen in the magnificent sunset pallet and brilliant rainbow spectrum
Our shades go as dark as the starless ocean night sky to the light of the glaring desert sun
We come from a country called Earth and speak every dialect of love & kindness – a language founded upon a smile
We believe in acceptance, sharing, interdependence and honesty
Our interests range from walking to reading to climbing to singing to nature to writing to dancing to playing…but most of all growing
We are making a statement – this is Our Planet – let us share it
Fear tried to jail us behind bars of terror
Afraid to leave the safety and security of familiarity
We recognise that and let go of the rope smashing the chains that imprisoned us
We boldly trod on reaffirming that we have a right to be here and there
We are pioneers of this planet
We are explorers on a great adventure
We are teachers – an example to generations to come
We are proof that It Can Be Done
We have taken the leap and are now flying
Only a tiny fraction of people have gotten half as far as where we`ve already been
Remember to be thankful for this journey but don`t forget to commend yourself for your ambition and bravery
We are travellers

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