Keep Left – Taupo – Wellington, New Zealand

After spending a very lax day exploring the shops in town, I leisurely strolled back to the motel with my nose in my book. Enjoyed a sumptuous lamb dinner prepared by Keren and Bryan. I enjoyed a hot spa before turning in.

I am amazed at how quiet and peaceful it is here. I can almost hear my thoughts forming. I thought it was supposed to be getting chilly here but it seems that the late summer is boosting temps. This is very good news because anyone who knows me understands my distaste for the cold.

I hopped into the car with Dan and Kelly tagging along with them for the 4 hour drive to Wellington. The day was clear and bright making the drive a nice one, save the pylon or two. Did I mention that on rental cars here in NZ there is a big KEEP LEFT sticker on the dash? Still, its one of these things…old habits die hard.

I arrived into Wellington to a warm welcome from Stephen and Sylvie who whisked me away to their small suburb. James and his family have been treating me just as one of the fam which is I am learning, the Kiwi way. I FINALLY received my camera. I admit I was beginning to think that maybe someone somewhere did not want me taking pictures of NZ. Apparently in some cultures, they believe that when you take a photo, you are stealing a bit of their soul. Ouch. I will have to be mindful of who I “capture” on film. Don`t need any bad luck following me around on my travels, that`s for sure.

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