Gone Fishin – Taupo, New Zealand

An early start as we all know the early bird gets the fish. Dan and Kelly from Michigan took me along with them on a 4 hour fishing trip in the worlds` trout fishing capital, Lake Taupo. International tournaments are held here on this picturesque lake every year. The lake is so large that you can fit the whole of Singapore into it.

We arrived at the dock and boarded our boat, White Striker, captained by Richard. On his business card, his job title is “Trout Catcher” and he does not lie. We sped along as I watched the fish tail waves careen out from the back of the boat listening to instructions and tips on what to do when we catch “the big one”.

We all got acquainted drinking tea and munching on Jeni`s homemade hokey pokeys. We took turns reeling them in although some had to be thrown back as the minimum size is 45 cm. We had great weather as the sun shone and the waves were light. Lunch was asparagus rolls, quiche, and chicken filling our bellies giving us energy to fight these feisty fish.

At the end of the day, we had three good fish, which would make for a substantial dinner. Dan Kelly and I made our way to Noonis, a lakefront restaurant on the strip, where they grilled our fish for us in a delicate orange hollandaise sauce. This was by far the best trout I have tasted in my whole (albeit young) life.

We stopped at the local Irish pub for a pint of Tui (and a few funny bar games) before heading back to the Reef Resort. I gazed down at the thermal heated pool just below my room and admired the reflection of the stars glistening in the water. My luxurious bed swallowed me up once again for a night of sweet dreams.

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