Small Sulpher Town – Rotorua, New Zealand

It has been raining quite a bit here but today has turned sunny. Every now and then there is a sun shower which are always so nice. I arrived in Rotorua anticipating the smell but it really isn`t as bad as I was expecting.

The sulphur aroma permeates everything but the rain makes it smell less, they say. Maybe after a few days of hot sun, I may change my tune. The town is really cute with great shops and tons of bookstores which is happy days for me! I have been doing lots of relaxing which is probably about all I can do because there is a guy who is in constant state of snore in my room. Suffice to say that I haven`t slept that great. I guess it`s time for some new earplugs.

Played some Yahtzee and Pictionary then tried to learn yet another version of that card game. Watched a movie called Whale Rider which was emotional and educational teaching the ways of the Maori culture. I am so excited to see the Two Towers (LOTR). I have been saving it until New Zealand and think it will be special to see it here where it was made.

There are heaps of hot pools and thermal spas around. Today, we took Andys` very comfortable and SAFE van to see the Geyser and go sit in the hot pools. It was very strange sitting there in the crowd of people, waiting for a man to come throw some soap down the hole. It took only minutes until it exploded shooting water straight up, creating all these bubbles floating through the air.

There were all these school kids and you could hear very excited “wow”s all around. It`s funny how when your small everything looks so big. When I visit places of my past, like my elementary school, I always find myself exclaiming how I remember it so much bigger.

We went to the hot pools which were quite relaxing and not very busy at all. I guess everyone is watching the Americas Cup. It`s all the talk around here. Pretty big upset really with the broken boat and all. Tough luck.

I haven`t eaten a kiwi here yet but am looking forward to it. I remember the day long ago when I was the first kid in school to have a kiwi. It was new and no other kids had seen them before so I called it spacefruit. I was popular for a day thanks to my mom who shopped exclusively in health food stores. Back in the day when healthy wasn`t cool, somehow we made it fun anyway.

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