Half Asleep Relaxation – Tairua, New Zealand

Rolled into sleepy little Tairua which is shadowed by the tree laden Paku. We checked into The Flying Dutchman Backpacker which was quite quiet, lucky for me. Relaxed a bit as I felt I might be coming down with something.

In fact, I had one of the best naps ever here. I teetered between the dream and waking for a record 10 mins. What a surreal feeling. Even after I woke, it took a good half hour for my body to come completely out of the floaty relaxed state. I wondered if it was because I was so tired or if I was getting sick but the dreams were pretty cool also so whatever it was I hope for a rerun.

I played some free pool and read a bit then went for a bike ride (free bike use) through the town. The next day, I didn`t even get out of my pajamas all day as it was overcast and rainy. Perfect day to stay in drinking tea and reading.

That night, I went with an Simon and Cath, an English couple, and their parents to the wharf for some night fishing. Despite our best efforts, we didn`t catch anything although I did manage to pull up a whole reel, line and all, still intact. Reminds me of those fun fishing days on Wizard Lake when I would catch the odd net, rod and other misc fishing gear.

Although we didn`t have any luck with the fish, I did enjoy thoroughly watching the bright stars in the milky way twinkling at me. I gazed at them wondering what it was they were trying to tell me until, one by one, they all disappeared behind the thick dark cloud cover. It was late and after enjoying a hot chocolate with my new fishing buddies, I was off to bed.

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