Rainy Day at Cathedral Cove – Hahei, New Zealand

A small group of us hiked down to Cathedral Cove today, despite the menacing clouds brewing overhead. The weather here in New Zealand changes quite quickly so we thought there would be a good chance things would clear up by the time we got there.

The walk was very pleasant with large trees and ferns lining the narrow pathways. The air was very moist and you could practically taste the nature. At times the path would become very steep but little steps carved into the earth help guide the way. Every now and then, we would stop and look at the cool blue ocean over the cliffs.

We arrived at Cathedral Cove which is humongous rock cavern in the shape of a triangle. I laid on the beach for a while until the rain drops came. The five of us found shelter under a large rocky overhang just big enough to keep dry. We waited it out while almost everyone else deserted the area. The heavy rain didn`t last too long but it continued to sprinkle for most of the day.

We took advantage of having the beach to ourselves. After some very interesting ways of hunting dead trees for firewood, made a little fire. We explored the caves searching for crabs with no avail. Those little suckers are so quick!

After making the trek back to town, I rewarded myself for a job well done with a sweet and tasty ice cream cone. We enjoyed a filling spaghetti dinner then almost the whole backpackers` joined in a game of Pictionary then Charades. It was loads of fun trying to guess their (German, Dutch, Austrian and Czech) interpretations of certain words. We had some bi-lingual dictionaries out which helped a bit but what a better way to learn the English language! I promise you there are some phrases that will stick out in their mind. As well, we learned there is more than one way to convey Pole Dancer. I have to wonder tho how we guessed Chief when he was acting out Chef. I guess they are both the “boss”. I really enjoyed the atmosphere at this backpackers and I would imagine that hostel life is what living in a university residence would be like.

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