Krazy Kayaking and Spiritual Smokes – Whitianga, New Zealand

Irene and I caught a ride with Mike to Whitianga where we were blessed with some clear hot sunny days. I fully utilized the sun lying on the beach listening to the waves lap at the shore.

It was quite comical to watch the ever persistent Irene attempt to kayak (free use from the hostel) through the large waves. Just as she was only meters away from smooth sailing, a monster wave crashed over her overturning her boat. It would carry her almost 30 meters back to shore, right back where she started. I tried not to laugh but they say it`s good for your soul, besides, she thought it was funny too, once she got over the initial ego-bruise. I mean, the tidal wave came out of no where and it had her name on it.

That night, I enjoyed sitting on the beach by myself watching the red almost full moon rise high into the sky. I looked down when I felt a little furry body snuggling up to me and discovered I wasn`t alone. A sweet little kitten decided to join me for a while before bounding off to stalk a random bird pecking at the seashells halfway down the beach.

The next day, I rested and read books while sipping tea by the hostel (On the Beach Backpackers) picture windows. It was hard work but someone had to do it. Met some fun and interesting Europeans and went down to the beach to watch the full moon rise. It was so bright and yellow that we had to reassure one girl that was with us !twice! that it wasn`t the sun. And I thought I was naive.

We did some poi with glowsticks and laughed the night away drinking beer and box wine (as you do in these parts). We also came up with some rather inventive and “spiritual” ways for Xavier from France to get his nicotine fix as he had run out of rolling papers. It`s amazing what you can do when you put your heads together. All in all, Whitianga is a cute little beach fishing town definitely worth a visit if you want to unwind.

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