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It`s amazing how three months can go by so quickly and slowly at the same time. There were days in Australia which seemed timeless and others which I couldn`t remember what year I was in, let alone the month or day.

Bryon Bay was my first real stop which was a good pick as three days turned into twelve thanks to some extraordinary individuals who introduced me to Oz properly. My experiences in Bryon helped me to believe that magic really does happen! It is a spiritual haven bursting with creative energy and love.

Nimbin is definitely and experience you won`t have anywhere else…this decade anyway. Burleigh Heads showed me how people live and play so close to the surf. It was when I went to the beach in Noosa that I learned how to swim and play with the ocean. Sailing around the Coral Sea gave me a taste of life in the day of sailor. I also had some great moments with Mother Nature all the while learning about environmentalism and interdependence. Airlie Beach was full of good clean fun from excessive foam parties to leisurely dips in the very warm lagoon. I still don`t know quite how I made it from the bar to catch my bus out at 1am.

Cruising around the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef was a definite highlight as I met some fun people and visited some breathtaking places. The diving was like floating through a gigantic underworld vegetable garden. I felt like Peter Rabbit and the shark was making sure I didn`t steal any carrots…er…I mean, coral. From the elaborate meals to the oh so accommodating crew to the magical phosphorous in the sea, the Anaconda 3 was one of the best cruises I have been on yet.

Mission Beach was like coming home to freshly baked gooey chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of cold milk. We put up the Christmas tree and it was hard to believe how far away from home I really was. I didn`t feel like it. The peace and quiet here soothed my soul as I watched the magnificent sunrise.

Melbourne is a bustling city which doesn`t sleep. The Great Ocean Road is probably one of the best stretches of land to drive on with some many postcard moments. While in Melbourne, I remembered what it was like to get back to city living watching movies, shopping and doing dinners.

Perth has warm people and warm windy beaches. I will always remember my first Australia Day and the over the top fireworks presentation. Last but certainly not least, Sydney was an amazing cosmopolitan hub, well suited to almost any lifestyle you desire. With stunning scenery (natural and man made) and gloriously fun filled beaches, it`s not hard to understand why Sydney residents are so happy to show you their beloved city. Genuine hospitality and kindhearted people kept me in a steady supply of smiles. With its high standard of living, I can truly understand why Sydney is one of the most sought after cities to live in the world.

Australia will be remembered for its helpful and laid back locals as well as the diverse terrain. It was here that I first learned to enjoy and respect the ocean. Such a welcoming country – it`s no wonder that although Aussies are some of the best travellers in the world – they always come home. I met my scarecrow and cowardly lion and the tin man even found his heart. I battled a few demons but with the help of the munchkins, I made it through.

The mighty sun will light the sandy beaches and warm the frothy waves creating a wondrous playground. The horizon will beckon and she makes her grand farewell in the the vivid hues she projects. As sure as the sun will set, the ominous moon will rise with a quiet but powerful presence. Awakening the creatures of the night and dancing with the stars, he too has his place in the ever loving cosmos. Both the sun and the moon are enveloped in a ring of light and sometimes they eclipse kissing tenderly for one precious moment. Just like the rest of our galaxy, if you look long enough, opposites will balance and two come together as one.

Next Stop – New Zealand

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