Party right to the Plane – Brisbane, Australia

The train just left Brisbane. My hair is soaked and my heart is still racing. My whole body is pulsing to the bass that danced me like a puppet for the last 5 hours. All my muscles ache but the adrenaline makes me feel like I am floating. I feel so light. I look past my rosy-faced reflection through the glass and see the subtle change in the dark night sky announcing the beginning of a new day. Minute by minute the sun creeps closer and one by one the street lights dim to sleep. This is goodbye Australia.

I arrived in Brisbane after a nice bus ride and a good talk with Priscilla who told me the secrets to a 52 year happy marriage. Individuality. Even back then people had problems and scandals but they were just quieter about them. The world isn’t getting worse. It`s just being more open and honest about issues. Well, they say admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery, right?

I was so relieved to see Hilary when I got off the bus. She is such a breath of fresh air. We went to the outdoor markets where I bought my fire poi which I am finally ready for. Then we walked through the botanical gardens which is right beside her uni. She told me about days that she would go lay under a tree and sleep after her lectures.

Then we walked along the river catching up on 3 months of love, loss and life. That night, we went clubbing in the valley where we met some of Hils friends and danced the night away before heading home at 5am. We didn`t get much sleep before heading out shopping in the city.

The expert plan aheader that I am, I figured out way to party till the very last minute…literally. First, we went and dropped my pack off at the train station storage in preparation for a big night. After a lovely dinner and goodbyes to Hils family, we headed out to a housewarming party. We and a few others went back to the valley to a few clubs finally ending up at one called Family.

I didn`t think it would be possible but we had an even better time than the night before. They played all my favorite music and I traded this guy my shades for glowstix. It was as if all of a sudden someone stuck some new batteries in me and ZOOM! I was off.

The next 2 hours were a power aerobics workout on the stage. It was my last night in Australia and it was the best. At 4am, Hil bounced up and informed me that it was time to leave or I would miss my flight. We left the still buzzing club and jumped in a cab to the train station where I changed out of my soaked clothes into clean dry travel clothes. I said a heartfelt goodbye to Hil thanking her profusely for helping me end Oz with a bang.

While I sat on the train to the airport and I finally began to write again. I have felt blocked for over a month now. But it`s as if a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I have become inspired once again. I boarded my 630am flight out of Australia and began writing in my new journal which has who else on the cover but Little Miss Sunshine.

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