Climbing the Harbour Bridge – Sydney, Australia

I woke at 6am and made it into the first group to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb the first Monday in the second month in 2003. The worlds` largest steel arch bridge has eight vehicle lanes, two train lines, a foot way and a cycleway. And I was about to climb to the top of it.

It was great fun getting suited up with the latest safety gear and sporty grey suits. We got ear pieces so we could hear our climb leader Bruce give us instructions, info tidbits and the occasional joke. The view of Sydney was stunning and every few minutes you would hear someone utter an astonished “Wow!”

In all, our group of 12 climbed over 1400 steps and walked over 2 kms. It sure didn`t seem like it though as I could have stared at the breathtaking view of the city skyline and the Sydney Opera House all day. We learned about the engineering and building of the bridge as well as some interesting facts about the city. The climb took about 3 hours and I am really glad I did it but I was not happy to give the jumpsuit back. Along with the matching hat, I really thought it was a good look for me.

From there, my new friend Adam, Kate and I went to the Botanical Gardens for a picnic. We then managed a nice sunburn even though it was overcast all day. We missed the first ferry as we distracted each other chatting it up and people watching. We made the next ferry only to doze off promptly after collapsing into our seats. It had been a long day but it wasn`t over yet.

After a short rest, Lauren Kate Ali and I went for a filling Italian dinner to end my visit to Sydney. It was just like old times in Rome as we spooned into a tub of mouthwatering gelati. Now, I am packed up and ready to head back up the coast for my final week in Australia.

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