Beautiful People – Sydney, Australia

Even though yesterdays entry was not the happiest and uplifting to read, it had to be said. Please note that this is no reflection on my stay here in charming Sydney. I absolutely love it here and I can see why it is one of the worlds` top cities.

I think that life gives you what you can handle. And I really do believe that the people you surround yourself with can really affect the mood of your trip. Today is a WONDERFULLY FANTASTIC day. I am super happy and recharged. I feel as if I have confronted some issues that have been weighing me down. And I have finally (and it`s about time) let go. The negativity is behind me in the past. I learned my lesson and am better for it. Things are all starting to make more sense now.

Last night, we went out to some pubs and clubs and bars for Bens` birthday. We had the funniest cab driver. We told him where we wanted to go and he answered with a “Why not?” which quickly turned into our mantra for the rest of the night. We went to a pub and met up with heaps of Lauren and Kates` friends, many of whom haven`t seen the girls since they returned from Europe.

I felt like a souvenir they had brought home from Rome. There was a point in time when I remember (yes really! I remember!) mentioning that I felt like I lived here. Like I was just at the corner pub enjoying a drink with old friends. It`s a nice feeling. We tried to go into a new club in the Darling Harbour but the tools at the door were being wankers and only let the girls in. How rude! Discrimination really bothers me. So we left.

We went to the Wallaby Bar which was much friendlier. I made heaps of new friends, shared stories and enjoyed a bevy…or two….or three. Lauren, Kate, and I argued over who is most beautiful as patient Austin drove us home in the wee hours of the morning. We all settled on the fact that it takes one to know one so either we are all unbelievably pretty or in massive denial and are shockingly ugly.

I have noticed that some so-called beautiful people can turn repulsive once you get to know them. And vice versa. But do you know what happens when stunningly gorgeous people also overflow with compassion and kindness? You get Kate and Lauren. They have definitely made what could have been disastrously depressing an easier pill to swallow. And they didn`t even need to do anything.

Lauren asked me what beauty means to me. In her, it`s her caring kind eyes and gentle smile. In Kate, it is her passion for adventure and hilarious sense of humour. Some people just have such a positive energy that you can`t help but be elevated around them. I have met a few people like that over the past week. Shannon and Ruth floored me with how quickly they embraced me showering me with love and concern.

I had a fall but good friends were right behind me to pick me up and brush me off. It was as if they sauntered by in their jolly way and saw me on the ground.

“Silly Girl! What are you doing down there? Get back up here where you belong!”

Sometimes, I guess we need to be reminded. I admit I can be clumsy but the bruise has healed. I think I may have a bit of a scar to remind me to be more careful but it doesn`t hurt anymore.

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