Dead Sea Horses – Sydney, Australia

Well, it appears I am back where I began. I am spending some quality time with my dear friends Lauren and Kate whom I discovered first in Rome. We have been doing some good walks and laps in the local pool keeping our bods toned. Lauren makes the best smoothies ever of fresh mango and passion fruit. She has me addicted. There are mango trees everywhere here heavy with the yummy fruit. I am in fruit heaven!

We went to Bronte Beach where the waves were so intense that I almost lost my bikini more than once (to the delight of the young boys who had miraculously appeared right behind me). We went to visit Laurens` aunt and stayed over night near Spoon Bay.

We were walking along the beach when I came upon a sea horse that had washed up on the shore. We must have just missed it by minutes. It looked like it hadn`t been there long. I was upset that I couldn`t save it. I have seen a few sea horses in my time but never one as big and beautiful as this. It was triple the size of any I have seen in the Caribbean and bigger than my foot! Its` limp tail spread over the sand. I wanted so badly to take a picture of it. My mom only asked me for one thing and it was a picture of a sea horse. Sorry mum. My camera is broken and it will be more to fix it than what I paid for it new so that won`t be happening. I won`t be recommending Olympus customer service anytime soon. No more pictures, I guess.

I have been feeling a bit down and I am not sure why. I am not really homesick because I know would have this feeling where ever in the world I am. For past few weeks, I have just had a harder time smiling. I suppose I have to think about balance. I guess I can`t be happy every day. There has to be rainy days to appreciate the sunny ones. Sometimes I feel so lost because everyone seems to “get it” except for me.

I don`t want to not care anymore but right now caring makes me so sad. Things like losing my backpack or things inside it and broken camera don`t really phase me at all. Losing faith in someone you care about is so much worse. Admitting to yourself you were wrong. That someone or something was not as it appeared to be. I have made a mistake. An error in judgement. And when it rains, it pours. But it`s silly to cry over a dead sea horse, isn`t it. I wanted to bury it but wise Lauren pointed out that soon the waves would come and carry it home back out to sea. Everything has its order. Everything has a place. Even the dead sea horse.

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