Beach Life on the West Side – Cottesloe, Australia

So the beach has seemly swallowed me up but I have dragged myself to a computer to give a quick update. I stayed in Perth city proper the first night and spent a long night at a bar/club drinking heaps of beer with hundreds of fellow backpackers at a place called the Office. Well, that is as close as I will get to an office for a very long time. The band was pretty good and we ended up dancing the night away with people from every country.

I made my way the next morning (still, no hangover…thanks Ireland) to Cottesloe where I stay literally across the street from the beach. How good is that? I don`t even wear shoes because its only one a hundred steps from the sand. I really needed this. The sand is soft and the water is clear. There are loads of lifeguards wearing the cutest red and yellow suits complete with the matching beanie. Trust me, we felt very safe.

Every afternoon a brisk wind picks up which keeps me from overheating. My room at OceanBeach Backpackers over looks the entrance and has a beautiful view of the ocean. Bex, Liz, Mel, Jaz and I had loads of fun people watching from our window. Every so often we would hang out the window complimenting the wildlife ever so tactfully. We also made friends with the boys across the street and discovered they could see straight into our room from their balcony when our blinds were up. Not that they were looking because as they say they are “over” it. Yeah right.

Next to our room is the Lounge which others have now dubbed “my” TV room as I welcome others in with the greatest of hospitality making sure they are right at home. My tan is getting so dark because I am having no problem laying on the beach with this wind. Usually I get too hot but here in Cottesloe the air feels just right. It seems that everyone here is either Canadian or English. Big surprise when we discuss how lucky we are to be in +35 temps while our friends are “chilling” back in the homeland. Nice one Brutha!

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