Straight Across Australia (without my pack) – Perth, Australia

Slept in this morning but somehow made it to the airport on time. I am sure it was fully to do with Terry’s Indy 500 like driving. Anyway, some of my favorite Melbournians saw me off at the airport and it was all I could do not to just break down crying.

I boarded the plane and settled into the very small seats (Quantas) for the 4 hour flight. I had a nice conversation with Candy from SA who is also a world traveler but more so for work. At least the food was good although I know I bumped the guy next to me too many times. Once I thought I would bump him right out the window but it was too tiny for him to fit through. Almost as small as the seats! Quantas is now dubbed the miniature airline to me. I mean, I am pretty small and I barely fit.

We arrived into Perth early but I spent half the day at the airport because my pack went missing. Ug. Oh well. I wasn`t going to let myself get upset about it so I just reported it calmly. They gave me a handsome little care packet containing a Quantas T Shirt and shorts. Nice and thin white material…perfect for the beach said the guy behind the counter. It also had miniature shampoo, deodorant and lotion. I liked the temporary toiletries but I like my pack more. Figures that the one time I would check my bag, it would get lost. I got a few phone calls accomplished while waiting and was just on the line to Canada when lo and behold there goes my pack on the belt! It had made the next flight YAY!

So now I am in hot hot hot Perth just checked in and took a walk. It`s nice and relaxed here but I am going to change hostels to something a bit more convenient to the amenities that I want. For now tho I am just trying to adjust to the heat. I am wearing my nice new white shorts with the little red kangaroo and my bikini top. Lucky they aren`t too worried about fashion here.

So this is really just a quick note to let you all know I made it across Oz safe and sound. Kate and Lauren, I will see you in a few days! Still haven`t heard from my parents about the trip extension. Trina, I mean that I have added 25 more flights. I am now officially a frequent flyer.

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