Birthday Present to Self: Extending Trip – Melbourne, Australia

Well its been Great! I am sad to be leaving Melbourne shortly but I have such wonderful memories. We have been to the zoo which was one of the best I have visited. The animals really look happy here. They make a huge effort to ensure that they are in their natural environment. I saw their plans for the new elephant park and it looks like it will be spectacular.

We also went to a club called Bubble which was as always, an experience. The special guest DJ Nik Fish didn`t even come on until 3am but he was well worth the wait. The ravers costumes were bright, innovative and daring. Every now and then you must take a breather from the heavy hard bass, the throbbing lights and shooting lasers.

You walk around occasionally bumping into a random fairies and spacemen. And on this night, there were even fuzzy bears! I got to do some glow stick twirling which was bonus as I could see what they saw in the gigantic wall of mirrors. I think I am finally ready for fire. Sweet Mel and I danced until dawn. It amazes me how things in Melbourne can stay open 24 hours. Doesn`t this city ever sleep? I know that I didn`t sleep much while I was here but I really feel rested. How does that work?

I have spent the last week with my nose in an atlas and have finally planned the next part of my trip. Surprise surprise! I have extended my travels. Just a bit…ok, maybe a bit more than a bit. I will now be visiting 5 continents including Africa! I will also visit more of Europe and Central America. Added as well was Japan and China. I will get to see the pyramids and go on a safari. I`ve also added Quebec so that I can experience the other side of my own country and practice my French. Well, this is the plan so far…but we all know how that goes.

The only bad thing is that yesterday my camera went for a swim in the spa. So it may be a while before you see any new pics. I had my birthday party where I met up with friends from near and far, old and new. Before we went out, I finalized my itinerary while Mel and Sarah circled the block a hundred times. The travel agent said that I held the record for most tickets issued in one day.

Then, we got takeaway and ate by the beach watching the sun go down. We laid there in silence enjoying the hot ocean air bathing our full tummies until all of a sudden…SWOOSH!! A strong gusty wall of cold wind practically blew us right off the bench. The cool change brought with it fresh salty air and half the sand from the beach. As has been the pattern, it is time for me to leave. It was as if Mother Nature was reinforcing my departure gently (ok maybe not so gently) pushing me forward.

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