Tennis and Tan Lines – Melbourne, Australia

Have been busy over the last few days doing a little bit of everything and nothing. Had a delightful dinner with family friends where I tasted Lynns` mouthwatering Sticky Date Pudding. We listened to Penny (talented sax) and Scott (budding bass) playing us after dinner tunes with their respective instruments.

I enjoyed a vigorous tennis lesson from Paul ranking this as one of my favourite sports to play. The next day, we went to watch the exhibition tennis (a practice for the pros before the Australian Open) where I discovered that this game is almost as fun to watch as to play. After my lesson, I understand the rules which explained why the players sometimes yell obscenities at their rackets. We all wondered what happened to the ball that the frustrated Swede launched over the crowd and right out of the club. Crowd pleasing characters playing with such passion combined with their well-dressed toned bods. Drenched in sweat glistening in the blazing summer sun, these guys make this quite the spectator sport.

The nightlife in Melbourne is definitely something to check out offering everything from multi-room dance clubs to elegant subdued pubs. You can visit their monstrous flash casino or head to Brunswick street where the live music will have you bouncing to the beat before you even enter the bar.

I went to Catch Me If You Can and found it so very strange that seats are allocated here. I mean, they tell you your seat number on your ticket. I`ve never been very good with restriction but it ended up being one of the most comfortable movies I have been to. They can tell you where to sit but they can`t tell you how to sit. And the armrests fold up. Yay!

Have been getting lots of exercise and rest as well as eating healthful foods. Attended a traditional Jewish dinner which was topped off with newly married Kates` first cake ever. It looked like she cut it out of the picture and tasted even better!

Yesterday, we went on a trip to the movie store and Safeway, where we found chaos as the power went off all day. They were throwing out spoiled food everywhere and there were signs saying “Don`t Buy”. It was a good day to go grocery shopping in a bikini as inside was about as warm as outside.

There were back to school signs over a whole section of school supplies. Back to School in January? Yep. I keep forgetting that Australia is just like Canada but everything is opposite. Skiing is turns to surfing, NHL is replaced with AFL and seasons are reversed. Kangaroo crossings instead of deer and peanut butter on toast is unheard of. I must admit that I have developed a taste for Vegemite myself slathering it on shocking (there it is) even the most seasoned Aussies.

One thing that stays constant in both countries is the kindness and hospitality shown by the locals. I bought a new swimsuit (bathers as they call them here) which give me much better tan lines. Its 37 C outside so I should really go appreciate the sun by the pool for a while. I wouldn`t want to seem ungrateful.

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