Lazing at the lack of lake – Lake Eppalock, Australia

The drive was relaxing as I munched on rice crackers (see mom, I am eating healthily!) and read my book all the while bouncing my feet to the tunes. A couple hours later, we arrived at the lake. The dry dusty air was only exaggerated by the direct sun beaming down on us.

The water level was all time low of 15% likening it to more of a pond than the grand lake that it was just a short time ago. It was only now that I began to see the shocking effects of what is now being called the worst drought over a hundred years. Severe water restrictions and raging bushfires drain resources driving prices up on everything from fuel to food. Everywhere I go people tell me about how things should be quite green and lush not brown and dry. It`s such a contrast to the floods I experienced in Europe. Where is the Balance?

Despite the arid conditions, we managed to have a good time at the lake visiting and enjoying the peaceful silence. Not many people there at the moment so we pretty much had the whole area to ourselves. Jess taught me how to create beautiful nail art and her brother Liam lent me his devil sticks. Why is it that its only on the second try that I can succeed? I remember fumbling clumsily with these sticks the first time thinking there was just no way. But persistence paid off and once I relaxed I could manage them quite naturally.

We ate some delicious BBQ and I introduced them to the wonderfully sticky sweet world of S`Mores. After making a half hearted attempt at fishing, I decided it was just far too hot and not worth risking the sunburn. We saw wallabies, guanas, scorpions, HUGE spiders, parrots and bats.

I saw heaps of springy kangaroos making their way to the sparse waterhole. At one point, we came upon a whole group of them seeking shelter from the blistering sun under a giant gum tree. I found it quite noble that the boomer (the large dominant male) would stay behind as the others sprang away ensuring that his family was safe. He paused giving us a lackadaisical look through his long bushy lashes before hopping away to join the others. Another powerful moment of recognition between man and nature reminding me how much can be communicated through eyes.

At night, we would lay in the middle of the would-be lake on a giant fallen tree watching the sky. We would sing songs and listen to our laughter echoing deep into the Australian bush. There was no moon which just emphasized the bright Milky Way which graced us with so many shooting stars that I almost ran out of wishes. I said almost. As each wish comes true, new dreams are born.

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