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First Day at Sea – Snorkling and Sunning – Great Keppel Island, Australia

First thing after waking from a wonderful sea sleep, I jumped into the already very warm sea before enjoying an interesting breakfast of tea and protein packed muesli. We lounged around the boats as all the sleepyheads reared their weary heads one after another.

Later, a few of us jumped off and went snorkeling around the reefs in the area. I saw many different fish that I had never seen before. There was also a sea turtle and some rays, one that was even bigger than me! I was a little ner read more

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Meeting the Shipmates – Great Keppel Island, Australia

We arrived at 3AM and visited over coffee until the guys came at 6AM. The 6 swedes were a little drowsy from their bus ride so we exchanged few formalities before making the sleepy bus ride to the docks. We met Jim, who was our skipper who informed us that we would get to have two boats! The other boat was run by Ron and Rachel, who went on a massive shopping excursion minutes after we arrived. Jim decided that we could go on without them and they could catch up. So we were off!

The sailin read more

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