13 Sense – Melbourne, Australia

Still enjoying Melbourne immensely. I have made some new friends who have been showing me a VERY good time. I seem to fit in like peas in a pod with Sarah’s family. They are doing their best to make me comfortable which is not hard after so many months of backpacking. How nice it is to be in a real family home!

This is something I wrote while sitting in my office at my old job back in Canada. It was based on a very vivid dream that I had months before. I didn`t believe this place existed but now I know it does. I said it was never my dream to travel. I stand corrected. I dreamt this and in less than 6 months, I was gone. Dreams come true but only if you take action. I haven`t found this place yet but I know it is coming.

13 Sense

to run away
hide out for a day
or maybe a week
or maybe to stay

no phones or computers
no people no faxes
no stores and no driving
no TV and no taxes

just napping and playing
and singing and praying
and dancing and flying
and tree hammock swaying

crisp mountain air
saltwater breezes
warm soft white sand
the cool shade teases

luscious green forests
brilliant bright flowers
crystal clear waters
snow capped rock towers

never too hot
and never too cold
humidity perfect
its decided, i`m sold

my bags are all packed
i`m leaving today
just one favor i ask of you
show me the way

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